Biography of N.F.A.

NFA Kelowna Rock CarNow that you have landed in our world of Dance Rock, we certainly and completely understand that you crave to know who is in N.F.A., and what is their curriculum vitae. To aid you in your endeavour we thought we would take the time to make the introductions! Without further adieu, we present the boyz of N.F.A….The Dance Rock Band!


Liam, aka Guillermo del Toro

Liam was born in the heartland of Canada, and has the tenacious semper fidelis work ethic to prove it. An imposing 6’4″ on stage, he engages with the audience so that they can feel the energy that they are giving the band. Recruited at the age of 6 to join the Calgary boys choir, he went on to do extensive training in classical and jazz piano, which can be heard in the intricacies of his playing.

However, that is overshadowed by his personal need to entertain and be entertained, which makes all the difference. Some of his accolades include “sharing the air of the stage” with members of Bon Jovi, Loverboy, Trooper, Paul Rogers, and being unavailable to sit in with Lynyrd Skynrd & Doobie Bros.–That is dedication.


Adam “Madman” MacGregor


As a result of Adam’s lack of action on giving me his bio, I took the liberty of doing the best I could: he plays bass guitar. He can sing. He apparently has a wife named Leanne, but we have yet to meet her. He likes cats. After reading that he became motivated and produced something to write about:
Starting at 10 years old he was taking private lessons and playing in the school band (too bad it wasn’t the bass, right?)  He got his first job as a music teacher at a local Calgary guitar store. He worked his way into the Jazz Performance Program at Mount Royal College, and then jumped into a touring country music act. Now he travails with with N.F.A., MASK (Musical Actors and Singers of Kelowna), and the yet to have met wife, Leanne.


Jonathan “JW” Williams

Jonathan is a true musician right down to his soul. Playing guitar since he was 13, Jonathan began performing at 17 and, being a minor, Jonathan had to be snuck in through the back doors of the venues to play. A few short years later, Jonathan became the lead vocalist and guitarist of his own cover band in Victoria and opened for big acts including Kim Mitchell, Colin James, 54-40 and Trooper to name a few. Now days Jonathan is a successful singer/songwriter and has several of his own songs being played on radio around the world. You’ll be sure to hear a few of his songs during our upcoming shows! For more info visit


Greg “Greg” Donskov — The MAN, the LEGEND!

Greg’s impressive resume spans various roles in the music industry, having worked as a clinician, educator, instructor, musician, director, music supervisor, and producer. Los Angeles was Greg’s lucky charm, where he broke through as a highly sought-after session musician and respected producer, songwriter, and composer, including Gary Marks’s album, who wrote for first lady of rock, Linda Ronstadt. That was his start!!! Greg was then spirited to Maui to record at Grace Studios (Britney Spears & Carlos Santana recorded albums), and then off to performing at the Havana Jazz Festival.

Under the pseudonym Daddy UK, Greg co-produced an album and sang lead vocals which earned a 5-star rating and over 10,000 downloads on iTunes, while his songwriting abilities have been recognized by receiving the John Lennon Songwriters Honors Award for his song “Crystal Garden.”

Teaming up with numerous Juno-nominated powerhouses, such as Simone Denny LOVE INC and Jason Wilson TABBARUCK, Greg has also rocked stages around the world, including iconic arenas with audiences exceeding 25,000 people, the Fremont Street Experience 2 year residency in Las Vegas, composing and recording music for television. If that was not enough, he was also part of the Lollapalooza tour with Audioslave, Jane’s Addiction, and 30 Seconds to Mars.

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